Video: My Top 8 Beauty Tips For Teens

So here is my first video in English guys!

As you guys know, English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any bad pronunciations and mistakes. As I am learning to be fluent, I decided to make this video in English to practice and introduce myself to my English speaking audience. If you guys have any great tips on how I can become better at English please let me know in the comment section on YT 🙂 Any feedback will be much appreciated!

Like many kids my age, I’ve recently been struggling with acne and unclear skin, so these are some tips that I’ve found to be helpful for myself. If you have a perfect skin you might not need them, however if you struggle with unclear skin like I do, please keep watching and let me know if you have any other great beauty tips & tricks 🙂 Hope you enjoy my video!


Miss Diana Louise